StrengthFix Training Center houses the competitive Olympic weightlifting team for the region of
Clark County, Kentucky. With 10 platforms and brand-new equipment, the facility is the area's
only weightlifting-specific training center. The facility was opened in 2018 and has enjoyed
success locally, nationally, and internationally. Aside from multiple state champions and record
holders, the athletes of StrengthFix also excel at other sports. Olympic fencing, tennis,
swimming, track and field, baseball, football, volleyball, softball, ballet, basketball, distance
runners, Tough Mudder’s, and Spartan racers all enjoy the elite accommodations at StrengthFix
training center. Head Coach Perry Williams (National Level coach) and his son Gabe Williams
(Level 2 coach) are the foundation of the programming and the strategists for all things
competitive. The facility is located in the historic downtown of Winchester, KY (5 South Main
Street). The building was originally built in the late 1800s and was formally a JC Penny’s
department store. We are proud to be part of the Olympic weightlifting movement in Kentucky.
StrengthFix is also the training home of 4X Olympian Gerek Meinhardt (an amazing human
being and our crown jewel). Our motto is “To inspire, entertain, and become strong by training
the right way.” Trust, toughness, and team are our foundation.

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Instagram: @pwilldc